What can I expect?
We're so glad that you are thinking of visiting us at Living Word!

If you are joining us online, you will find everything you need on the Facebook page, including a full bulletin. We celebrate Communion every week so grab some bread and wine or juice if you would like to participate. 

If you're joining us in person, we know there are many questions. If you don't find an answer here, please feel free to send us a message through Facebook, or email pastorjessicacain@gmail.com.


Where should I park?

You can park anywhere in the grass or on the gravel driveway. The entrace to the sanctuary is in between the first two buildings you will see, so if you would like easy access, we suggest using the visitor parking immediately to the left of the building. 

What is worship like?

Worship lasts about one hour and includes congregational singing, prayers, hearing from Scripture, a 10-15 minute sermon, and Holy Communion. All are welcome to participate in every aspect of worship. At Communion, we have bread and gluten-free wafers available, and wine as well as grape juice. 

What should I wear?

At Living Word, we have a pretty casual Sunday atmosphere. You won't find people in their "Sunday best" unless it is Christmas or Easter. We hope that you will dress in a way that is comfortable for you to be in worship!

What about kids? 

We love children at Living Word, and think it is important for people of all ages to worship together. In our sanctuary, we have a special area or "prayground" for young ones to color, craft, make bracelets, and more to keep their bodies occupied during worship as we know that sitting still and silent for an hour is difficult. 

We also know that having young children in worship can be a challenge for parents and other caregivers. If you would like to make use of it, we have a nursery in the back of the sanctuary where children can see and hear worship while being more able to move around and be loud. Our nursery attendant, Kelley, is trained in CPR, first aid, and child safety.